Healing is a path of personal empowerment.

Claim your health, transform your life, and live in alignment with who you really are!

Meet Lisa

Holistic Health Practitioner | CNHP B.ED

Lisa brings forth a sincere, thorough and caring approach to every aspect of her practice. Her mission is to assist and empower clients to live their best life possible. By transforming themselves with a complete understanding and alignment with the truth of who they really are, clients attain their goals by achieving balance and restoring vitality in all areas of their lives.


Lisa specializes in permanent pain removal, balancing body systems, non invasive cosmetology, and energy healing. Lisa’s personal philosophy emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness encompassing mind, body and spirit.


The Holistic Health Approach

Identify and treat the cause

Do no harm

Treat the whole person

Doctor as a Teacher


Yoga at Home

We are committed to finding the root of the problem & supporting your healing process at your own pace in order to help you achieve optimal wellness.

40 years ago I seriously injured my thumb with a glass rod. Since then, I experienced sharp pain whenever I used my thumb. I came to see Lisa for a Scenar treatment because of a skin condition and in the process of clearing scar tissue the pain in my thumb completely disappeared for the first time in 40 years! I was very surprised at these results and am extremely happy this is no longer an issue for me now! The pain has never come back. I was so impressed with this Scenar that I bought one for myself. Thank you Lisa for making a difference!

- James T.

I came to see Lisa for my first treatment after falling and being dragged by two big dogs I was taking for a walk. My hip was sore, as well as my wrist and the muscles in my shoulder. I was in bad shape and in terrible pain that I could barely walk. By the second session with Lisa I was completely pain free. I was extremely surprised by how quickly I recovered and saw immediate results! I am eternally grateful to Lisa for such an amazing treatment that really worked! I have remained pain free since the treatment she gave me. I would be back to see Lisa in a heartbeat if ever I’m in pain again. Thank you so much!

- Val R.

Thanks to Lisa’s recommendation, my family has recently begun taking some high quality health products. My granddaughter who has mono, woke up one morning and felt very tired, sluggish and had no motivation to go to work. I suggested she take the vitality I have been using. So she took some and went off to work that day.

When she returned home that evening she came through the door and thanked me for suggesting she take Vitality. She said: “Grandma this Vitality gave me my energy back. I felt great all day and even my manager at work noticed a difference and said I had a bounce in my step all day. I haven’t felt this good in a long time!” Thank you Lisa for sharing this product it’s working wonders for me and my family!

- Carol S.


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