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Iím a 54 year old woman who has had 2 major injuries: one to my left foot and one to my left lower back. The injury to my foot was 13 years ago where I stepped on a pin that snapped off in the ball of my foot. This required 2 trips to the ER to have it removed, followed by staph infection which set in and created a painful seed corn. I havenít been able to put full body weight or wear high heels since. It always felt like I was stepping on a sharp stone.

Lisa gave me two Scenar treatments for my foot and I am shocked at the results I experienced! I have no more pain and I can stand with full body weight on it. It has been a month now and the seed cord has completely disappeared. My foot is healing remarkably well and returning to normal again. This is such a HUGE change. I have suffered with sever lower back pain from 2 herniated disks. I was on pain medication, plus 6-8 Advil daily. After only two treatments from Lisa, I have not needed any pain medication. I am a little stiff but the pain is gone. My mid back felt constantly tight and locked up that would get spasms if I lifted my arms up to reach for anything up high. Now after only 1 scenar treatment, I have full range of motion and the muscle spasms have completely disappeared. Now I am so happy that I can exercise again.

Finally, both knees have arthritis. I endured constant level 10 pain especially in the right one and it was near impossible for me to bend. Now after only one treatment the pain in the right knee is hardly there. I can easily bend up and down without tears in my eyes.
My quality of life has improved immensely and I would recommend Lisa to anybody who wants to see immediate results. I know I did and I am eternally grateful for the care Lisa gave me. THANK YOU!

-Sheila W.

40 years ago I seriously injured my thumb with a glass rod. Since then, I experienced sharp pain whenever I used my thumb. I came to see Lisa for a Scenar treatment because of a skin condition and in the process of clearing scar tissue the pain in my thumb completely disappeared for the first time in 40 years! I was very surprised at these results and am extremely happy this is no longer an issue for me now! The pain has never come back. I was so impressed with this Scenar that I bought one for myself. Thank you Lisa for making a difference!

-James T.

I came to see Lisa for my first treatment after falling and being dragged by two big dogs I was taking for a walk. My hip was sore, as well as my wrist and the muscles in my shoulder. I was in bad shape and in terrible pain that I could barely walk. By the second session with Lisa I was completely pain free. I was extremely surprised by how quickly I recovered and saw immediate results! I am eternally grateful to Lisa for such an amazing treatment that really worked! I have remained pain free since the treatment she gave me. I would be back to see Lisa in a heartbeat if ever I’m in pain again. Thank you so much!

- Val R.


Thanks to Lisaís recommendation, my family has recently begun taking some high quality health products. My granddaughter who has mono, woke up one morning and felt very tired, sluggish and had no motivation to go to work. I suggested she take the vitality I have been using. So she took some and went off to work that day.

When she returned home that evening she came through the door and thanked me for suggesting she take Vitality. She said: ďGrandma this Vitality gave me my energy back. I felt great all day and even my manager at work noticed a difference and said I had a bounce in my step all day. I havenít felt this good in a long time!Ē Thank you Lisa for sharing this product itís working wonders for me and my family!

-Carol S.

I began to see Lisa for Parkinson’s and problems related to this illness.  I had severe cramping in my feet that occurred on a regular basis.  There has been pain in my shoulders and arms for the last 6 years since my diagnosis. This pain was debilitating to the point that each night I would rub my arms as the pain intensified and I would scream in agony each time I had to move. I lived on pain killers which didn’t do much to help.  Over the past few years I have also suffered constantly with mood swings and insomnia. 

Since my treatments began with Lisa I feel a renewed sense of life.  She did more for me in the first two treatments than my neurologist had done in years. Immediately I began sleeping through the night and woke up rested. This is the first time I could enjoy a full night sleep in years.  Insomnia is no longer an issue for me now.   Following the first few sessions, the chronic pain in my shoulders, arms and feet completely disappeared. It was the first time in 6 years that I no longer had to live with debilitating chronic pain.

We addressed many blocks in my body due to emotional traumas.  Lisa helped me understand the intricate connection between emotional / physical traumas and how they manifest as dis-ease and blocks in the body.   I enjoy a feeling of freedom and empowerment now that she has helped me identify and clear these burdens.   I now feel a sense of peace, confidence and self acceptance.  When I see Lisa for a treatment I learn more about myself, feel better about myself and see more and more benefit each time.  Thanks to Lisa, the quality of my life has improved so much.  I am forever grateful! 
-  Doug C.


I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for nearly 20 years.  Over the past 10 years, I have lived with daily pain in my lower back and hip.  Standing for any length of time was difficult for me.  So I decided to see Lisa for a Scenar treatment and my experience amazed me!  I was surprised at how dramatic the results were after only one session with Lisa,  I went from a level 8 pain down to a level 1!  I also sent both my husband and son to see Lisa and they both had great results. 
-  Lena C.

Lisa is very professional and I am absolutely confident in her ability to address and treat my concerns.  She worked on my hip and foot that have been bothering me for years now. The pain has completely cleared and now for days on end I am able to sit for quite awhile and also drive my car without any pain.  In fact I don’t even think about my hip anymore.  Wonderful! 
- Rosemary B.


In a brief session, Lisa presented a lot of valuable, thought provoking material in an interesting and fun manner.  I gained insight into health and lifestyle choices and environmental issues that are vital to my life.  Loved it! 
- Paul MacDougal  MD, CCFP

“When I first started treatments with Lisa, my lower back and neck were causing me extreme pain. Through her treatments using the Scenar machine, my pain has gone from being crippling to more of a discomfort now. My quality of life has drastically improved as I can now enjoy more activities for work and pleasure on a daily basis. How this is working, I don’t know, but I just know that my pain is about 80% less on a consistent basis. Thanks Lisa.
-Rod S.