Healing is a path of personal empowerment. Claim your health,
transform your life, and live in alignment with who you really are.

Follow your true path Are you balanced? A serene existence
Energy is the source of all we create Reveal your inner beauty Potential shining through
Pure focus A world of possibilities awaits you!

Welcome to Holistic Health Solutions.

Symptoms arise as our body tries to communicate with us. At Holistic Health Solutions, we offer a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person and the body’s own amazing capacity to heal itself given the right framework.
Our programs are designed to educate and empower you to achieve your goals, to know yourself and to claim your health in order to transform your life into one with purpose and passion. The success you experience through our programs can be measured by the degree of joy, vitality and inner peace you feel each day of your life.

Our primary goal is to treat the underlying cause of illness. In doing so, we can identify and correct imbalances, restoring integrity thereby allowing the body to heal itself as it was designed to given the proper environment.

At Holistic Health Solutions we are committed to finding the root of the problem and supporting your healing process at your own pace in order to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Each person is unique, therefore each session is unique. There are many various health modalities and systems out there, each offering certain benefits. Together, we can determine which combination of services will make up the best program for you right now. Keep in mind that every session is different because your needs are always changing. Follow the links to learn more about the health modalities we offer. Please contact us to make an appointment.

At Holistic Health Solutions we use a 5 step approach with our clients:

Identify and treat the cause: All symptoms are viewed as expressions of the body’s natural attempt to heal. Illness does not occur without cause, be it physical, mental or emotional. The underlying causes of any disease or imbalance must first be identified and addressed before a person can truly recover completely. There are many levels in which causes may occur, such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each layer coincides with the others. Effective treatments require the proper attention to all causal factors.

Do no harm: Symptoms and illnesses serve the purpose of gaining our attention to make us aware that something in our body is out of balance. Interventions should be complimentary to and synergistic with the healing process. Through the process of supporting rather than suppressing the body’s natural mechanisms, the body will often return to a healthy state if given the opportunity. All treatments are gentle, non-toxic and safe.

Treat the whole person: Health and illness are conditions of the whole individual. Many factors play a role in this including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, generational, and environmental. Effective treatments involve the whole person by taking all these factors into account. All systems must work in harmony and synergistically with each other.

Doctor as a Teacher: By definition doctor means teacher. The main focus is to create a healthy, sensitive interpersonal relationship with the client. A cooperative relationship where the client is part of the process of creating their own wellness plan. Through proper education, we empower the client and they become accountable for the health results achieved in the treatment process.

Prevention: The ultimate goal is really prevention. This is ultimately accomplished through proper education and promoting healthy lifestyle choices that create optimal long term health and vitality. The emphasis is on building health rather than on fighting disease.